2014 Annual report

Systems for Prospective Grids Development

In accordance with Resolution No. 823 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated October 17, 2009 on Plans and Programs for Power Industry Development, the plans and programs for power industry development in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation are elaborated by executive governmental authorities of these constituent entities, system operator and grid companies for a five-year period taking into account the plan and program for development of the Unified Energy System of Russia.

Information on long-term development plans and programs of the constituent entities of the Russian
Constituent entity of the Russian Federation Year of development Target period
Arkhangelsk Region 2014 2014-2018
Vologda Region 2014 2014-2018
Republic of Karelia 2014 2015-2019
Murmansk Region 2014 2015-2019
Republic of Komi 2014 2014-2019
Novgorod Region 2014 2014-2018
Pskov Region 2014 2014-2018

The plans and programs are approved by JSC IDGC of the North-West, as well as JSC SO UES (RDU and ODU).

The main goals of long-term plans and programs for power industry development are the development of grid infrastructure and generating facilities, assurance of satisfying long- and medium-term demand for electricity and power, creation of stable and favorable conditions for attraction of investments in electricity facility construction.

Distribution grid companies use the plans and programs for power sector development in regions to elaborate their investment programs. JSC IDGC of the North-West develops and approves its investment programs taking into account the activities included in its plans and programs for development of the power sector in regions.