2014 Annual report

Strategic Priorities of the Russian Power Grids Sector

The priorities of the Russian power grids sector are determined in the Grids Development Strategy of the Russian Federation approved by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 511-r dated April 03, 2013. This document outlines the main areas for development of the Russian power sector and key challenges in managing this sector.

The priorities of the main grid operations is to maintain and develop the infrastructure (power transmission lines and transformers) supporting power generation at power plants and electricity transmission to distribution grids as well as the energy integrity of the nation.

The goal of the distribution grids sector of the Russian Federation is to ensure sustainable, affordable, and high quality electricity supply to consumers in relevant regions at the electricity distribution stage through development of the most efficient and effective infrastructure.

The key objectives of the national policy for power grid management and control are as follows:

Currently, industry management must be focused on maximizing efficient use of natural energy resources and power sector potential to ensure its sustainable development, strengthening Russia’s position in foreign markets, and improving living standards at the national level.

The national power sector has the following long-term strategic priorities: