2014 Annual report

Geography of Operations

JSC IDGC of the North-West carries out its operations in seven constituent entities in the Russian North-West and is the largest grid company in all regions where it operates.

The Company’s main type of activity is electricity transmission. Based on the resolution of the Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation (Order No. 191-E dated June 03, 2008), JSC IDGC of the North-West is included in the register of electricity transmission natural monopolies under No. 47.1.116.

The Company’s share in the electricity transmission market in the area it services approximates 72%, including electricity partially transmitted through the TGC grid of payment recipients.

Structure of electricity supply
Branch/IDGC Length Overhead lines, km Number of SS 35 kV and above Number of GC 6—35/0,4 SS capacity, MVA Revenue, RUB million Largest industrial consumers Major generating companies supplying power to the Company’s grids
Arkhenergo 23,855.6 166 5,714 2,203.1 4,784

JSC Russian Railways


Vologdaenergo 39,141.4 217 9,281 2,453.6 6,289

JSC Severstal

JSC Russian Railways

Gazpromtransgaz Ukhta LLC

Karelenergo 11,203.8 151 1,843 1,834.2 3,900

JSC Karelsky Okatysh

JSC Russian Railways

JSC Kondopoga

Kolenergo 4,945.1 131 260 5,241.5 3,572

JSC Kolskaya GMK

JSC Kovdorky GOK

JSC Apatit


Komienergo 17,784.2 197 3,871 3,278.0 6,628

JSC Lukoil-Komi

JSC Vorkutaugol

JSC Northern Main Oil Pipeline

JSC TGC-9 Komi
Novgorodenergo 22,401.5 134 5,000 2,016.3 3,131

JSC Akron

JSC Russian Railways

Baltnefteprovod LLC

Pskovenergo 42,415.8 170 10,642 2,003.6 3,039

JSC Luzhsky Abrasive Plant

JSC Velikie Luki Meat-Packing Plant


Branch of JSC OGC-2

Pskovskaya SDPP

IDGC of the North-West 161,747.4 1,166 36,611 19,030.3 31,343