2014 Annual report


Abbreviation, definition
ACS Automated Control System
AIS Automated Information Systems
BOD Board of Directors
CMP Cost Management Program
CPI Consumer Price Index
CS Consulting Services
CSC Customer Service Center
CTC Central Tender Committee
EBITDA Earnings before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation & Amortization
ESC Energy Selling Company
FERT Freelance Emergency Rescue Teams
FGC Federal Grid Company
GS Guarantee supplier
HPP Hydroelectric Power Plant
HUS Housing and utility services
IDGC Interregional Distribution Grid Company
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IT Information Technologies
ITT Information Technologies and Telecommunications
KPI Key Performance Indicators
MICEX Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
MUE Municipal Unitary Enterprise
NC New Construction
OL Overhead (Transmission) Line
OTM Operations-technological management
PC Personal Computer
PCB Polychlorinated biphenyls
PD Production Department
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PTL Power Transmission Line
R&D Research and Development
RAB Return on Invested Capital Method
RAS Russian Accounting Standard
RC Regulated contranct on electric energy and capacity purchase
RDU Regional Dispatcher Unit
ROE Return on Equity
ROTA Return on total assets
RTS Russian Trading System
SDPP State district power plant
SIW Self-supporting Insulated Wire
SME Small and medium entreprises
STC Scientific-technical community
TGC Territorial Generating Company
TGO Territorial Grid Organization
TRR Technical Re-equipment and Reconstruction
UNPG Unified National Power Grid
VAT Value Added Tax
VHI Voluntary Medical Insurance
WGC Wholesale Generating Company
Measurement Units
A Ampere. Electric current intensity unit
Gcal Gigacalorie. Thermal energy unit
kV Kilovolt. Voltage unit
kVА, MVA kilovolt- amperes , megavolt- amperes
kW⋅h, MW⋅h Kilowatt-hour, megawatt-hour. Electric energy unit
kW, MW Kilowatt, megawatt. Electric active power units
km Kilometer. Length unit