2014 Annual report

Revenue from Grid Connection

Dynamics of revenue by the grid connection type of activity 2010-2014, (target/actual) RUB mln (excl. VAT)
Название графика

In 2014, the grid connection revenue amounted to RUB 882 million not including VAT. Therefore, the actual amount exceeded the target by 6.8%.

The greatest increase of the grid connection revenue as compared to the target of 2014 was at Komienergo (+ RUB 90 million) и Novgorodenergo (+ RUB 28 million). The greatest decrease of the grid connection revenue as compared to the target was at Arkhenergo (- RUB 57 million).

Pursuant to paragraph 4 of clause 2 of article 23.2 of the Federal Law dated March 26, 2003 No. 35-FZ On the Electricity Sector, since January 01, 2011 an investment component to cover costs of development of existing infrastructure may not be included in the grid connection fee.

These changes have had a direct effect on the growth of the grid connection revenue.