2014 Annual report

Special Workplace Assessment

Special assessment of working conditions is performed pursuant to regulatory documents regulating working conditions.

The results of such assessment are applied for:

Branch/IDGC Special assessment of working conditions in 2014, WKS: Amount of funding, RUB million Certifying organization
Arkhenergo 0 0.15 FSUE PD Oktyabr
Vologdaenergo 53 0.07 CJSC Ecoconsult, Cherepovets
Karelenergo 275 0.3 OOO SZCOT
Kolenergo 136 0.3 CJSC Klinskiy Institute of Occupation Health and Safety, OLS-Complect
Komienergo 43 0.11

NordARM & S LTD;

Center of Attestation and Certification LTD

CJSC Klinskiy Institute of Working conditions and Protection, OLS-Complect

Novgorodenergo No
Pskovenergo No
IDGC of the North-West 507 0.93

Based on the results of workplace assessment/special assessment of working conditions, Action Plans were developed and approved to improve working conditions and occupational health and safety, with responsible employees designated.

In order to reduce harmful production factors at workplaces where there is no possibility to carry out constructive activities, the following organizational measures were developed:

If workplace harmful production factors cannot be eliminated or reduced (transformer oil when working with oil-filled equipment, stressful working process (coupled with harmful and hazardous production factors), a compensation is paid for harmful working conditions, additional leave days are given, and milk (and other equivalent food products) are supplied.

All employees of JSC IDGC of the North-West, except for those recruited in 2014, are provided with clothing resistant to thermal influence of electric arc. The percentage of those provided with summer and winter clothing reaches 99.7%.