2014 Annual report

Occupational Health and Safety Training

In accordance with the Employee Policies for Power Grid Companies in the Russian Federation, the Company trains and keeps employees up to date regarding occupational health and safety.

Occupational Health and Safety Day is held in all branches on monthly basis.

Occupational health and safety rooms (introductory briefing, pre-examination training, training, technical training, occupational health and safety meetings) function in production departments of the Company’s branches. In remote regions, occupational health and safety stands/corners are made.

Special preparatory activities are organized in the Company’s branches before autumn and winter period and spring maintenance campaign. Employees receive additional training and instructions, improve their practical skills on training grounds, using simulators and out of service equipment.

In order to decrease accident risk, ensure employees’ occupation health and safety, monthly conference calls relating to occupational health and safety are arranged with the Company’s branches.