2014 Annual report

Trends of Technological Disturbances

In order to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of power production, JSC IDGC of the North-West developed and implemented sixteen target programs for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of power grid facilities:

Technological Disturbances
Indicators 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Number of accidents, including: 6,168 11,758 11,684 13,336 10,608
impact of natural disasters 2,005 2,022 1,838 1,849 2,409
impact of third-party persons and organizations 497 551 1,006 902 1,057
Lost electricity, thousand kW⋅h 2,882.8 2,344.8 2,456.9 6,337.6 5,249.18
Supply interruption, hours 54,829.6 11,977.3 104,666.9 76,534.4 27,894.03
Economic damage, RUB thous. 212,404.3The economic damage caused to the Company in 2010 by natural disasters was the most significant. Cyclones accompanied by hurricane winds affected the Vologda, Novgorod and Pskov Regions as well as the Republic of Karelia. 48,313.2 46,679.0 70,367.2 67,514.24

The largest number of technological failures (emergencies) in 2014 was due to the insulation aging (breakdown), trees falling on the HVL wires and atmospheric overvoltage (lightning).

In 2014, the number of main technological failures was reduced:

The number of outages due to atmospheric overvoltage (lightning) in 2014 increased by 37%.

The level of outages due to unauthorized actions of individuals or organizations remains high. The Company takes measures to identify guilty persons and recover damages, conducts explanatory work with the population.

A significant number of failures at the 6-35-110 kV HV lines is due to extreme weather conditions: heavy snowfalls, snowstorms, high humidity, resulted in an intense build-up of snow and rime ice deposits on wires, which significantly exceed the standard rime thickness. This results in wire collapsing and breakage, damage to fixtures.

In 2014, as a result of abnormally high lightning activity in Murmansk Region and Karelia Republic there was an increase in outages due to insulation damages.