2014 Annual report

Consumer Relations Results in the Reporting Year

On October 01, 2014, JSC IDGC of the North-West launched a new official website www.mrsksevzap.ru that united all the electronic resources of the Company on one platform. For Clients section of the website contains information on all the services provided by the Company; there is a feedback channel for help requests, complaints, suggestions, etc.; there is a possibility to file applications for a transformer substation and for additional paid services.

Furthermore, the Company launched a new service Client’s Personal Account enabling the clients to track processing of their grid connection applications.

In 2014, the Company received 341,617 requests from consumers.

Breakdown of requests by communication channel
Название графика

The total number of requests to the Company in 2014 comprised 210,765 (61%) information requests, 36,372 applications, including 28,995 for transformer substations, 22,333 requests for intake\issue of documents to consumers.

In 2014, JSC IDGC of the North-West received 1,131 complaints, with 712 (63%) of them considered reasonable. The majority of all the complaints concerned connection of the clients’ property to power grids (50%) and electricity transmission, including quality of electricity (24%). 436 complaints (78%) out of 561 complaints for grid connection and 146 (53%) out of 273 complaints concerning electricity transmission were considered reasonable.

Breakdown of requests by category
Название графика

In addition to services related to its main activities, JSC IDGC of the North-West provides services on a fee basis in respect of the services (work) which are included in the List of additional paid services approved for each branch.

For the clients’ comfort, a possibility appeared in the reporting year to fill and send online applications for additional paid services; however, consumers can apply personally at any Customer Service Center or to the specialists responsible for work with customers in all the branches.

The results of JSC IDGC of the North-West regarding additional paid services in 2014 are as follows: 5,402 applications for additional paid services with the revenue of RUB 413,717,000.