2014 Annual report

Consumer Feedback

Control of the quality of servicing and the services provided is performed based on information received from customers, including consumers’ opinion from questionnaires as part of the ongoing survey to assess the quality of customer service.

During the reporting period, the consumers filled in 2,865 questionnaires. The most active respondents to participate in the survey during the reporting year were in Komienergo and Pskovenergo branches.

As follows from the data analysis, individuals are most active in the survey (61.14% of all the questionnaires). The majority of the respondents (75.43%) had requests regarding grid connection, 13.93% — regarding additional paid services.

Majority of the consumers who filled in the questionnaires value highly the kindness of the operating personnel and their willingness to help clients (4.87 points). Professionalism of the operating personnel (4.81 points), completeness of the information provided (4.79 points) and quick service (4.67 points) are highly valued as well.

98.54% of the respondents did not have any conflicts concerning activities of JSC IDGC of the North-West, and 50% of those who had such conflicts, were pleased with their settlement.

The most convenient channels of customer interaction with the structural units of the Company are a request made in person at the CSC or operative department (62.59%), and telephone consulting (60.29%). 13.08% of the consumers named the post as the most convenient method of servicing.

33.18% of the respondents use the Company’s website and about 85% of them consider it to be informative and user-friendly.

When giving their opinion clients usually thank the personnel of the CSC and offices for their prompt work, attentive and friendly attitude towards consumers, fast and quality service, and full information about the services provided.