2014 Annual report

Consumer Relations

One of the strategic directions of activities by JSC IDGC of the North-West is to improve quality of the services provided. Focusing on customer support is nowadays a key feature of a company’s effective management system. The task of integrated servicing of consumers and maintaining uniform servicing and interaction standards in the Company is fulfilled in three areas: on-site, distant (off-site) and interactive servicing of consumers.

On-site servicing includes the organized work in customer service centers of JSC IDGC of the North-West. Today 24 customer service centers, employing 61 people, successfully operate in all seven branches of the Company. In addition, 126 professionals perform functions of a customer service center in production departments. Any consumer can get consultation from specialists regarding grid connection, quality of electricity supply; make a complaint, file an application for grid connection, an application for power supply agreement or for additional paid services.

Opening of New Customer Service Centers (CSC) JSC IDGC of the North-West, pcs
Название графика

Distant servicing for clients of JSC IDGC of the North-West is performed by telephone and interactive communication channels.

Pursuant to Order of JSC IDGC of the North-West No. 52 dated February 7, 2011, the Company has had a hotline for consumers Light On since 2011. Hotline telephone number 8-800-333-02-52 is available 24 hours a day. All the branches created their hotlines for consumers. Hotline telephones are included in all regional telephone books, as well as a book of contact information on hotlines and duty services in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.