2014 Annual report


Shares of IDGC of the North-West are traded on the Russian stock exchange CJSC MICEX in the quotation list of the first level.

Trading floor Ticker Starting date of trading without the listing procedure Starting date of trading in quotation list B­

Starting date of trading in quotation

list A of the second level

Date of inclusion in the quotation list of the first level based on the listing reform
MICEX MRKZ May 29, 2008 May 24, 2011 June 09, 2014
Changes in share price in 2014 against MICEX and MICEX Energy Indices (weighted average price), %
Название графика
Changes in weighted average prices and trading volumes in 2014
Название графика
Market features
Indicator Unit of measurement December 30, 2013 December 30, 2014 2013/2014 Change, %
Weighted average prices RUB 0.02831 0.0254 –10.29
Capitalization RUB million 2,712 2,433.0
Trading volume RUB million 84.784 158.30 46.44
million pcs. 1,829.77 5,768.19 68.28

The 2014 trend remained the same as in the previous unfavorable years for the power sector. MICEX Energy Index decreased by 22.75% at the end of the year. The Company’s share prices declined by 10.29% in 2014.