2014 Annual report

Company's Registrar

Under sub-clause 25 clause 15.1 Articles of Association of IDGC of the North-West, the Company’s Board of Directors shall approve the Company’s registrar and determine terms and conditions of the agreement with the registrar. According to the resolution of the Board of Directors of November 25, 2010 (Minutes No. 66/6), Open Joint Stock Company Registrator R.O.S.T. was appointed as the Company’s registrar, and terms and conditions were determined for the agreement for provision of services of keeping a register of registered securities, concluded between IDGC of the North-West and JSC Registrator R.O.S.T.

Full name: Open Joint Stock Company Registrator R.O.S.T.
Abbreviated name: JSC Registrator R.O.S.T.
Location: 107996, Moscow, 18 Stromynka St., build. 13
Postal address: 107996, Moscow, PO Box 9, 18 Stromynka street, Moscow, 107996
Telephones: (495) 771-73-38, 771-73-39
E-mail: rost@rrost.ru
Internet address: http://www.rrost.com/

Under the agreement with the registrar, IDGC of the North-West has the right to generate requests of information from the register, generate and submit to the Registrar electronic documents with data from the registrants, the grounds for execution of operations in shareholders’ register.

The rights of shareholders are ensured using reliable and effective methods of registering share rights through the Company’s selection of the registrar with a high reputation and well-functioning and reliable technologies, securing the most efficient registration of property rights and execution of shareholders’ rights.