2014 Annual report


JSC IDGC of the North-West being the shareholder in subsidiaries (hereinafter, the subsidiaries) interacts with the latter guided y the requirements of Russian laws, the Company’s Articles of Association and Procedure for interaction of IDGC of the North-West with the companies where it has a participatory interest and other internal documents of the Company, as well as the Articles of Association and internal documents of its subsidiaries which determine a procedure for the Management Board and management bodies (Regulations on the Boards of Directors, Auditing Commissions etc).

The Procedure for interaction of IDGC of the North-West with the companies where the Company has a participatory interest was approved by the Company’s Board of Directors to:

The Company’s interest in the subsidiaries’ operations involve development and implementation of the corporate governance policy which cover the following areas:

Corporate governance of the subsidiaries of JSC IDGC of the North-West is performed by management and controlling bodies in line with the Company’s interests:

Forms of corporate governance in the subsidiaries
Название графика
Subsidiaries involved in energy supply and energy services
Subsidiary Region Types of activity Company’s participatory interest in the capital, % Revenue, RUB thous
JSC Pskovenergosgent Pskov Region Agency services imply services rendered to power companies involved in the sale and purchase of electricity and electricity transfer (distribution) to support sales on behalf of relevant power companies. 100 242,791
JSC Pskovenergosbyt Pskov Region Electricity sale to legal entities and individuals. 100 5,957,169
JSC Energoservice of the North-West Leningrad Region

Engineering, construction, and installation of electricity, hot and cold water meters.

Repair and construction, installation and specialized installation scope for gas supply systems and facilities maintenance.

100 4,978

The information on the management and control bodies of IDGC of the North-West subsidiaries is available on the Company’s website at http://www.mrsksevzap.ru/en/aboutsubsidiariesanddependententities/.